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What Tom Elliott finds ‘bizarre’ about former top public servant’s story

Victoria’s top public servant today stood down after phone records revealed he spoke to Graham Ashton, who was chief commissioner at the time, in a key six-minute period on the day the hotel quarantine program was established.

Tom Elliott says one thing about the events that led to Chris Eccles’s resignation stood out to him.

“What is bizarre with Chris Eccles’s resignation this morning is that he now realises that he did make a call to Graham Ashton,” the 3AW Drive host said.

“He says he can’t remember what they discussed but he’s pretty certain they didn’t discuss the use of private security guards.

“He doesn’t remember making the call but he does know what he didn’t talk about.”

Tom said he thinks others will be caught out in similarly absurd situations.

“The ridiculous leaps you have to go through to come up with an explanation like that left him with no option but to resign,” he said.

“I think other people are going to be caught out by this.

“They’re trying to present a view of what happened back in March and April to the enquiry that will stop them getting seriously punished, and by seriously punished I mean charged with industrial manslaughter or maybe fined millions of dollars, or maybe both.”

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