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When Scott Pendlebury would be open to more media access

Collingwood captain Scott Pendlebury says there should be more player access given to media before AFL games.

Speaking on 3AW, the gun midfielder said players were “still getting used” to expanded access, but there wasn’t really a good reason to block it in the hours before a game.

“Pre-game, for me, is one where there should be a lot more access given to media to come down and interview,” Pendlebury said on Sportsday.

“Guys get there (the ground) two hours before and in reality, we’re not doing much.

“We’re just in the change rooms having a laugh, kicking the footy around, so I think we’ve got to open it up.”

But he said there was no doubt some players were more comfortable dealing with the media than others and that it could often prove overwhelming for first and second year players.

Pendlebury also explained why the Pies turned down the opportunity to feature in an upcoming documentary with Amazon.

“We only released a documentary, ourselves, about our club I think less than 12 months ago,” Pendlebury explained.

“Probably for us the timing of our documentary was probably really close to this one, so you probably would have seen a very similar product.

“I’m sure the next group of clubs that do it will be well-received.”

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(Photo by Darrian Traynor / Getty Images)