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‘Where the hell did it come from?’: Neil Mitchell raises serious concerns over Melbourne’s curfew

UPDATE: Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has confirmed he was not consulted over the curfew.

Questions have been raised over where Melbourne’s COVID-19 curfew came from.

Neil Mitchell understands the Premier did not consult police before introducing the night-time curfew.

It comes after Chief Health Officer Brett Sutton on Tuesday told Neil Mitchell the curfew was not his idea.

“The most significant breach in civil liberties in our history, I can tell you, did not come from police,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

The curfew has been in force for 58 days and brought in more than six million dollars in fines.

“It’s extraordinary. This is an unprecedented assault on civil liberties,” Neil Mitchell said.

“This crippling curfew was introduced, I can tell you, without medical or law enforcement consultation or approval.

“If it’s necessary, if it’s effective, fair enough. But where’s the evidence, where’s the advice it would be, where’s the proof it’s working?

“Where the hell did it come from?”

Neil Mitchell said the revelation has convinced him it’s time for Premier Daniel Andrews to step aside.

“I’ve changed my mind. I’ve said all along I thought it was wrong for Daniel Andrews to step down. I now think it’s the only option,” he said.

“The wheels are not falling off the Daniel Andrews COVID campaign. They have fallen off. It’s in significant danger of crashing.”

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