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Where the latest Eddie McGuire scandal gets ‘murky’

Neil Mitchell has questioned the AFL’s response to the latest scandal involving Eddie McGuire.

The Collingwood president has come under heavy scrutiny for comments he made on Fox Friday on Friday night.

He mocked the pre-match coin toss, jokingly proposing a $5000 fine for those who mucked it up.

The person tossing the coin was Cynthia Banham, a Swans ambassador who lost both legs after a plane crash in 2007.

Neil Mitchell said McGuire was “an idiot” but it was clearly an accident.

“The best thing is to apologise quickly and move on and he did that,” Neil Mitchell said.

“But this is where it gets murky.

“The AFL’s got a history of self-righteous lecturing and they take the high moral ground very quickly.

“They suspended a fan for two years for using a racial term.

“They get angry, they lecture people, they’ve set themselves up as the moral police.

“But Eddie is more powerful than the AFL.

“They didn’t even criticise him.

“The AFL just reported what had happened – that’s their official statement.

“Eddie behaves badly – albeit accidentally – and they don’t even go after him.”

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