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Why a West Coast ruckman needs to ‘take a look at himself’

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West Coast big man Nathan Vardy needs to take “a look at himself”, according to Jon Anderson.

It comes after he was captured on camera yelling the name “Andrew Brayshaw” at teammate Andrew Gaff in an attempt to put him off during a training drill.

Gaff was suspended for eight games for punching Brayshaw in the head last year in an incident that was widely condemned and cost Gaff a premiership medal.

Fremantle coach Ross Lyon said he was “disappointed” by the vision, with Gaff also unhappy.

But as Ando pointed out on 3AW Breakfast, it’s not the first time Vardy had courted controversy with his behaviour this season.

“It’s the same Nathan Vardy who, this year, when his teammate Liam Ryan took possibly mark of the year on Max Gawn, then went and taunted Max Gawn on the ground,” the Herald Sun sports writer said.

“At the time Nathan Vardy had four possessions for the game and had played terribly.

“He’s got to have a bit of a look at himself, Nathan Vardy.”

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