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Why Lloydy is ‘really critical’ of how GWS handled the Phil Davis situation

Matthew Lloyd says Greater Western Sydney did not handle the Phil Davis situation well in the lead-up to Saturday’s grand final disaster.

The Giants appeared to leave it as late as possible to make a call on whether their co-captain would play.

While he admits it likely wouldn’t have made any difference to the result, Lloyd said the Giants were on the back-foot before the game had even started.

“I’m really critical of that,” Lloyd said.

“To have Davis still doing a fitness test an hour or so before…”

The Essendon champion said a decision should have been made earlier.

“You’re either in or you’re out at 9am,” Lloyd said.

“We come back (from a fitness test) and tell Lachie Keeffe whether he’s playing, or not.

“We go across as a team and prepare as a team.

“McVeigh, the defensive coach, was having his attention with Phil Davis, the fitness staff had their attention with Phil Davis.

“It wouldn’t have made a difference, but I still thought they should have handled it better.”

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