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Why Matthew Lloyd is opposed to a best-of-three grand final series

While completely understanding of the fact the 2020 AFL season is going to have to be flexible, given the unprecedented circumstances, Matthew Lloyd says he’d hate to see a “best of three” grand final series to decide the premier.

He said it would rob the decider of an iconic moment, or player.

“I remember every big moment of every grand final, because you hang on every contest,” Lloyd said.

“I just feel we’d lose the gold of that if we went best of three.”

Lloyd listed eight examples (Dean Wallis in 1993, Glenn Freeborn in 1996, Matthew Scarlett in 2009, Brendon Goddard in 2010, Daniel Hannebery in 2012 Will Langford in 2014, Shane Biggs in 2016 and Jeremy McGovern in 2018) and challenged Gerard Healy and Sam McClure to match the player with their iconic act or moment.

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