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Why South Korea should serve as a warning to Victorians

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Victorians have got “so used” to high COVID-19 case numbers they’ve lost perspective about the risk of lifting restrictions.

That’s the opinion of one professor, who told Neil Mitchell the state was still at serious risk of losing control of the coronavirus.

“You’ve got about 1300 cases over the last 14 days – that is enormous,” Professor Mary-Louise McLaws said on 3AW Mornings.

“That is not just in the red zone, that is like in the volcanic red zone.”

She backed the Victorian government’s extension of lockdown.

“I think Victorians have got so used to living with such high numbers, that they’re failing to realise the risk if they lift the restrictions too soon,” Professor McLaws said.

“The authorities understand this.

“Let me remind your listeners that I fully appreciate the pain they’re going through, absolutely, but when South Korea, for example, lifted their restrictions and people went back to a fairly near normal life, there was an enormous surge.

“There’s always a surge when people take the restrictions off too soon.”

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