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Why the last song of Liam Gallagher’s Melbourne concert was cut short last night


British rock star Liam Gallagher has used an expletive to describe the abrupt end to his show in Melbourne last night.

The final song of his set, Supersonic, at Margret Court Arena was cut short due to the 11pm noise curfew.

The former Oasis frontman took to Twitter after the stadium management pulled the plug on his show.

“Well that was a load of w— getting cut off last song,” he tweeted.

“We weren’t that bad I’ve heard worse anyways thems the rules you still smashed it Melbourne biblical stay young stay safe.”

He tweeted again Thursday morning, clearly still miffed, and revealing he faced a $250,000 fine for playing overtime.

“250 thousand dollar fine if we played over the curfew last night 250 thousand dollars 250 thousand dollars I mean those tunes are biblical and I’m the f—— biblical brother but c’mon that’s a f—— piss take who ever made that rule needs to stop smoking SPICE.”

3AW Football commentator Tony Leonard, “a card-carrying Gallagher fan”, was at the show.

He said Gallagher started later than expected — 9.45pm — and indicated mid-show that he was under pressure to wrap things up.

“He said ‘No one’s bleeping well telling me when we’re bleeping well finishing tonight, we’ll bleeping well go for as long as we like’,” Tony told Kate and Quarters this morning.

“The show was going off. Not so sure they had a moshpit going at Elton John next door at Rod Laver, but there was certainly one going in full swing while they were playing Supersonic.

“They pulled the plug and everyone just started looking at each other as if to say ‘Well happens next?!’.”

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(Photo by Mark Metcalfe/WireImage)