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Why this doctor expects sports like Aussie Rules to die out in a generation

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One of the world’s leading medical voices on concussion expects sports like Australian Rules Football to die out in a generation or so.

Dr Bennet Omalu, who inspired the film Concussion, told Tom Elliott the science was clear.

He says there’s no doubt contact sports are dangerous and have lasting negative impacts on the health of those who play them.

Dr Omalu said he didn’t expect them to be banned, rather parents would stop putting their children at risk.

“I don’t think they’ll be banned, just as time goes on parents will begin to know what is good and bad for their children,” he said on 3AW Drive.

“Parents will move their kids to the non-impact, non-contact sports.

“What we’re observing in America now is that more-educated parents, parents of higher socio-economic levels, are removing their children from these types of dangerous games.”

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