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Why Tom Elliott got a ‘real shock’ when he read The Age

Tom Elliott says he got a “real shock” when he saw this news story on Thursday.

Private security guards were still monitoring a quarantine hotel in Melbourne, despite the “catastrophic outbreak” that led to Victoria’s second wave of COVID-19 and subsequent inquiry.

They’ve since been stood down and replaced by police after safety concerns were raised.

It left Tom flabbergasted.

“How could anybody think this was a good idea to have the same policy still running,” Tom Elliott said.

“The same policy that led to the outbreaks, the one that’s ruined our economy, the one that has kept kids from school and killed hundreds of people in aged care.

“And the only reason they moved the security guards out is because, yet again, there were complaints about not very good practices surrounding health care at the hotel.

“It is absolutely bizarre.”

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