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Why Melbourne is locking down for SIX weeks, not four


One of Australia’s leading epidemiologists says he was surprised but enthused by the decision to lockdown Melbourne for six weeks.

Professor Tony Blakely, Professorial Fellow in Epidemiology at the University of Melbourne, described yesterday’s daily number of new cases of 191 as “quite a shock” and backed the decision for a lockdown.

But he admitted the length of the lockdown surprised him.

“My eyebrows went up at six weeks … I thought four weeks,” he told 3AW Breakfast.

But he can see why the extended period has been set.

“Six weeks to me is a little light at the end of the tunnel. Six weeks might, just might, be enough to eliminate this thing.”

Professor Blakely implored Victorians to make the most of the opportunity to do just that, and suggested masks could play a key role in doing so.

“Maybe it’s time to start putting masks on,”  he said.

“We should be pushing hard for the six weeks and go for gold.”

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