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Woolies boss calls for calm amid ‘demand surges’

The CEO of Woolworths is urging customers to buy what they need rather than panic purchasing and stockpiling goods.

The supermarket giant was met with anger yesterday after shoppers, either the elderly or those with disabilities, turned up between 7am-8am for the dedicated shopping hour, and found the shelves bare.

Many were left disappointed and empty handed.

But Woolworths boss Brad Banducci moved to assure customers there was enough product in the supply chain.

“What we are battling with is getting enough on shelves and keeping up with the demand surges that we’ve seen,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“When you get these demand surges you get a real imbalance in the demand and supply.

“So if people just buy what they need there is more than enough to go around plus a little bit more for the pantry.”

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Image: PETER PARKS / Contributor