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Woolworths is hiring: 20,000 new jobs on offer

With thousands in the tourism, hospitality and retail sectors laid off as doors close due to COVID-19, one business is booming — supermarkets.

Woolworths has today announced it will hire up to 20,000 new staff across the country to keep up with increased demand.

The supermarket giant is looking for store staff, supply chain workers, call centre operators and staff for home delivery services.

Woolworths CEO Brad Banducci said 7000 new employees have already been hired through partnerships with other major employers in similar sectors, which have recently been forced to lay off workers.

Woolworths has already hired 1500 former Qantas staff, and redeployed 3500 former workers at ALH, Woolworths pubs and pokies arm, in its supermarkets.

But there are still plenty of jobs available for the public.

“We’re really trying to find like-minded businesses and give them the opportunity to team members that were stood down there, but we’re also recruiting generally. You can go to our website and apply,” he told 3AW’s Neil Mitchell.

“You get to make a difference and I think it’s enormously motivating to our current team and to anyone that’s thinking of joining us.”

The Woolworths recruitment website was overwhelmed this morning, temporarily crashing as a result of the number of people visiting the site.

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