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‘You did us proud’: A teacher’s poem to parents as students return to school

Parents at a Melbourne primary school received a welcome surprise today when they dropped their children off at school for the first time in two months.

Teachers at Port Melbourne Primary School penned a poem to parents thanking them for their hard work while teaching their kids at home.

The principal handed out printed copies of the poem to parents today, along with a teabag and chocolate.

Nicole, who has a child in grade two at the school, said the gesture was “really nice”.

Press PLAY below to hear the poem.

You partnered with us, you did us proud.
Now it is time to cheer out loud!
Although this remote learning gig was tough,
Your love and patience was more than enough
So grab a brew and pull up a seat.
Drink in the silence as you enjoy this treat.
Thank you for your dedication.
As we take back the reigns of your child’s education.

Back to school: Victorian students return to the classroom for first time in two months