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‘You’re bloody boring’: Kennett whacks critics of dancing Labor MPs

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Former Premier and Liberal party heavyweight Jeff Kennett has whacked critics of Labor MPs filmed drinking and dancing in a Bali bar during the Victorian bushfires.

The Herald Sun released the video on Tuesday that showed Jenny Mikakos, Steve Dimopoulos, Nick Staikos and Jackson Taylor at the popular Motel Mexicola.

No taxpayer money was spent on the holiday.

That didn’t stop the Liberal opposition from whacking the partying quartet, but Kennett called critics “boring” and “peasants”.

At one point one MP is seen tipping his head his head back to have a spirit poured down his throat.

Neil Mitchell told Kennett he had never done that amid letting his hair down, to which Kennett replied: “In that case, you’re bloody boring”.

“We’ve got some big issues we’ve got to face in this country and it’s the minutiae that gets the most attention, and it drives me insane,” a fired-up Kennett went on.

Jeff’s voice…

Meanwhile, Mr Kennett is walking with a cane and experiencing issues with his voice after complications from recent surgery.

Following his interview with Neil Mitchell, 3AW was inundated with calls from concerned listeners.

The former Premier told Neil Mitchell he’s hopeful he will fully recover after surgery on his neck.

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