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3AW in Scandinavia: Ross and John live from Copenhagen, Denmark

It just keeps happening.

Ross and John will be having a discussion about some sort of social policy — education, mental health, tax and parental leave are the particularly hot topics — and invariably a guest or caller raises it.

“Well, how they do it in [insert Scandinavian/Nordic country] is…”

You’ve probably come across these comments at your own dinner parties, school runs and social media.

“The Swedish system is really good because…”

“I think we should follow Norway’s lead and…”

Image: A summer night at the Old Town (Gamla Stan) in Stockholm, Sweden.

3AW isn’t immune.

Some recent online reports include Nordic Neighbour Overtakes Norway As World’s Happiest Nation, Is Scandinavia Utopia?, and Where Melbourne Falls Short Against Scandinavian Nations.

So what’s so bloody good about Scandinavia?

Ross and John decided it’s time to find out for themselves.

From Monday, July 16, 3AW Breakfast is LIVE from Copenhagen, Denmark for a week of broadcasts exploring what makes this part of the world so unique, and discover what lessons Melbourne can learn.

  • Local guests
  • Daily segments: “City of…” and “We Do Better, They Do Better…
  • Travel tips and tales
  • Lots more!

Join Ross and John LIVE from Copenhagen 5:30am each weekday.