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‘Admit it and fix it!’: Neil Mitchell calls on Premier to ditch contact tracing ‘fantasy’

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Premier Daniel Andrews yesterday said all positive COVID-19 cases have been contacted by tracing teams within 24 hours.

Mr Andrews also said 99 per cent of close contacts of positive cases had been contacted within 48 hours.

But Neil Mitchell says that doesn’t match up with what he’s been told.

“The messages I’m getting tell me that’s fantasy,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“I know the system is overloaded.

“I know they’re trying hard, but there’s no point in pretending it’s working when it isn’t.

“If it is not working well enough, and it isn’t, admit it and fix it!”

Saarti, a Sunshine mother, this morning told Neil Mitchell about a series of confusing contact tracing text messages she got from the Department of Health and Human Services, informing her that her child had been in contact with a positive case.

The first text named a school which her child does not attend.

She was then sent a message telling her to ignore the first message.

A third message named her child’s school and instructed her that her son would have to undertake a 14-day period of isolation from July 29.

But that period has already passed.

Saarti and her child were tested for COVID-19 yesterday, but she’s concerned.

“I’ve been going to work … it’s a little bit late,” she said.

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