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AFL boss hits back at suggestions of ‘fan crackdown’

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AFL boss Gillon McLachlan has rejected suggestions there’s been a league-directed “crackdown” on fan behaviour this year.

He said he was happy to speak with high-profile Collingwood fan Joffa – who told 3AW he wouldn’t go to games until McLachlan says sorry to fans – but stopped short of apologising.

McLachlan said the game was “nothing” without its supporters, but fans had to be respectful.

“I want to make this clear … there has been no – zero – commentary, crackdown or change in policy about what’s acceptable fan behaviour at games,” the league chief executive told 3AW Mornings.

“It’s the same as it’s been for 100 plus years.

“Come, let it be your outlet, be tribal about your team, but do it in a way that respects the people around you.

“It’s the same policy and it’s self-policing.

“The fans ultimately decide what that looks like – not me, or you – it’s the people around you.

“If police are called it’s because the supporters around them are calling.”

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