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Caroline Wilson says Sam Newman is no longer an icon of the AFL

Caroline Wilson has berated a “sadly out of touch” Sam Newman over his latest controversy.

And Dwayne Russell isn’t happy with Newman, either.

The former co-host of The Footy Show has been widely slammed over a video on social media where he claimed he was becoming a woman.

Newman told 3AW it was “absolutely ridiculous” men who had transitioned into women were allowed to compete on the same sporting field.

Speaking on Sportsday, Wilson said Newman had simply shown himself to hold yet another outdated view.

“Sam Newman was an icon of the game as a player and for some years in the media, but he stopped being an icon a long time ago,” she said.

“He is so sadly out of touch as he has shown so many times when football rules are discussed, when anything to do with that community is discussed, when homosexuality is discussed, when racism is discussed.

“And his attitude towards to Stephen Dank during the Essendon drugs scandal was just embarrassing.

“Mike Sheahan (who was also in the video) knows my views about him working with Sam Newman.”

Sportsday host Dwayne Russell said Newman’s video was offensive.

“As soon as we start showing a bit of respect and understanding, the better the world will be,” he said.

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