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Father of Andrew Brayshaw responds to Andrew Gaff’s eight-week suspension

The father of punched Fremantle player Andrew Brayshaw believes the tribunal made the right decision in handing Andrew Gaff an eight-week suspension.

Speaking with Neil Mitchell this morning, Mark Brayshaw said it was “a hell of a penalty”, but fair.

“I think (eight weeks is appropriate). Most people seem to think so. Yes, I think so,” he said.

“It’s a hell of a penalty. He’s going to miss the finals and the Eagles are flying, and I also knew that would weigh on him heavily.

“He’s also a young bloke dealing with free agency and it might be his last game at West Coast.

“There’s all sorts of things at play, but I think eight weeks is fair.”

Mr Brayshaw also revealed:

  • Gaff’s father, Paul, called him on Monday: “We had a terrific chat. I wanted Mr and Mrs Gaff to know the Brayshaws are fine.”
  • He’s looking forward to bringing the two Andrews together very soon
  • Andrew Brayshaw’s brother Hamish is friends with Gaff and regards him a “thoroughly” good bloke

Click PLAY to listen to the interview, which prompted talkback callers to praise Mr Brayshaw for his “sensible” perspective