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Former reality TV star casts further doubt over Dale Thomas’ night out

A reporter and former reality TV star has cast further doubt over an incident that led to Dale Thomas being dropped to the VFL, claiming there’s “no way” the Carlton veteran had “only three drinks” at a charity event.

Thomas will play in the reserves this week after it emerged he’d been drinking in public less than 48 hours before Carlton’s loss to St Kilda.

Caroline Wilson was suspicious of an early claim Thomas had two glasses of wine. That tally has since risen to three.

Responding to a post from 3AW Football, Georgia Love, a TV reporter and previous contestant on The Bachelorette, claimed she was at the same charity event.

“There’s no way he’d only had 3 drinks,” she wrote.

Thomas admits he’d made a “poor” decision to drink in public before a game.

He was recently fined $7500 for calling an umpire a cheat.