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‘It’s a miracle’: Gina Argiro receives some fantastic news

Fighting a rare type of cancer, Mildura mum Gina Argiro was told in December that her last hope was a treatment which is not available in Australia.

The young mum needed $1 million to travel to the United States for treatment that would give her a 50-50 chance of survival.

Gina got to the US for CAR-T therapy, thanks to generous donations and the effort of Health Minister Greg Hunt, who pushed through a government medical grant.

Today, Gina and her husband Peter shared some fantastic news with Neil Mitchell.

“There’s no cancer left in her body,” Peter Argiro told the 3AW Mornings host.

“She’s cancer free after 30 days.”

Only about 30 to 40 per cent of patients who receive CAR-T therapy are cancer free after a month of treatment.

“We need to get to the same results at six months and then the chance of her becoming fully cured is massive,” Peter told Neil.

“We don’t have to see the doctors again for another three months!”

Gina told Neil Michell she is in disbelief.

“Can you believe it? Cancer free. I can’t believe it!”

“It’s a miracle,” she said.

“My biggest happiness is that the burden off my husband’s shoulders has been lifted, because that’s been a killer for me.

“I am so grateful.”

Plans to bring CAR-T therapy to Australia are underway.

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