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Jimmy Bartel hits back at critics of Gillon McLachlan’s Coniglio comments

Jimmy Bartel has gone into bat for AFL boss Gillon McLachlan after he copped a lashing for saying on 3AW he wanted Stephen Coniglio to stay at GWS.

McLachlan was asked on Tuesday night whether he’d be disappointed if Coniglio left the Giants at the end of the season.

“Yeah, I would,” McLachlan said in response.

It led to fierce backlash, with many saying it was inappropriate for McLachlan to comment on the future of players.

Bartel, who is a GWS board member, said he was stunned by the response from footy fans and sections of the media.

“Talk about people getting outraged and offended over nothing,” Bartel said on Macquarie Sports Radio.

“We complain when Gill doesn’t talk to people and then when he talks to people, you complain.

“What’s the guy supposed to do? He actually offers an opinion being a football person about the broader game.

“I’m not sure Gillon McLachlan’s opinion is really going to weigh in the final decision making of Stephen Coniglio.

“It’s good he’s actually said it, because down here in Victoria, there’s this constant barracking and supporting for players to leave the Gold Coast and the Giants.

“I actually don’t get why people are getting so offended.”

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