Jimmy Bartel reveals why he stood down from the MRP

Jimmy Bartel says it’s time to overhaul the Match Review Panel, admitting he felt “uncomfortable” with some of the penalties he helped hand down this season.

The former Geelong star and 3AW Football analyst has parted ways with the MRP three weeks out from finals, citing increased work and business commitments.

However, he did admit he felt his “hands were tied” at times when assessing incidents.

“I always felt a little bit uncomfortable with the fact that you can spit out fines but you can also have guys tackling people get weeks,” Bartel confessed on 3AW Football.

He suggested the introduction of separate categories that catered for “football and non-football” incidents.

The 2007 Brownlow medallist defended his former MRP colleagues, saying those on the panel could only work with the rules given to them.

“The fact is that no two cases are the same,” Bartel said.


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