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Josh Frydenberg calls for ‘fair dinkum’ Victorian COVID-19 roadmap

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Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has called on the Victorian government to “provide a fair dinkum roadmap” out of the COVID-19 crisis.

There are expected to be more Victorians on JobKeeper in coming months than Australians from all the other states and territories combined.

Mr Frydenberg says the statistic reflects “the damage that is being done to Victoria by virtue of these Stage 4 restrictions”.

He said businesses are pleading for a clear blueprint of what’s to come, so they can plan and prepare.

“I think there’s an obligation on the behalf of the Victorian government to provide a real roadmap out, to give people a sense of hope, to give businesses confidence to invest,” Mr Frydenberg told Tony Jones, filling in for Neil Mitchell.

“I hear all the time from business groups that they want to hear from the Victorian government about the road out, they want a detailed plan, they want a timetable.”

Mr Frydenberg declined to comment on the leaked draft roadmap document published by the Herald Sun, which the Premier says is “out of date”.

“I’ll wait and see what transpires on Sunday,” he said.

The Treasurer also questioned the Queensland government’s decision to allow 400 AFL officials to enter the state.

“What I do find surprising is there are 400 AFL officials and the like going up to Queensland, being able to sit by the pool bar, at the same time Queensland’s strict approach to borders has meant a grandmother of seven who has just had brain surgery is being forced to isolate in a hotel room.

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