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Neil Mitchell: Four reasons why the state Labor scandal should matter to you

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The Victorian branch of the Labor Party has been plunged into crisis after secret recordings sparked allegations of branch stacking and misuse of taxpayer funded staff.

The ALP’s national executive has seized control of Victorian operations and will conduct all pre-selections for the next three years.

The crisis has decimated the faction opposed to Premier Daniel Andrews’ faction within the party, but Neil Mitchell says this is more than just infighting.

He says it will affect every Victorian.

“I can give you four reasons why what is unfolding in Victoria should matter to you. Four ways in which this touches you in your life, four reasons why it’s more than some esoteric internal factional fight,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

  1. “They are wasting time on these games rather than looking after you, your interest and your state.”
  2. “They’re using … taxpayer money to fund factional games rather than work for you. It’s a culture of corruption that insults every Victorian.”
  3. “The Premier’s credibility is on the line. He says he didn’t know, he says he’s appalled. He’s a former party machine man … I’d be amazed if he didn’t know how these things work.”
  4. “Somebody is playing a massive factional game. They’ve had a spectacular political hit and the result is much more power to Chairman Dan, and too much power, in any one leader, is a bad thing for the people, regardless of what party they belong to.”

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