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Regional Victoria ‘anxious’ and ‘outraged’ as COVID-19 cases climb

Coronavirus cases in some regional areas of Victoria are growing rapidly, and residents are worried.

East Gippsland is on edge after a Melbourne woman visited Orbost and Marlo last week, then tested positive to COVID-19.

East Gippsland mayor John White said he’s “outraged” by the woman’s actions.

“It is just so irresponsible that someone would do that,” he told Neil Mitchell.

“It’s just sent those two small towns into panic.”

Meanwhile, there are now 27 active cases in the Colac region after an outbreak at the Australian Lamb Abattoir.

Just five days ago the region had no COVID-19 cases.

Trinity College Colac Principal Paul Clohesy said the community is concerned, but people are doing everything they can to try and curb the outbreak.

The school was forced to close after a student tested positive to coronavirus on Friday.

“People are worried, people are anxious, but on the positive side people are sort of locking themselves away,” Mr Clohesy told Neil Mitchell.

In Geelong, cases have climbed from eight to 18 in the past five days, and there are calls for the region to be locked down.

Geelong mayor Stephanie Asher said the community wants to avoid a Stage 3 lockdown, despite climbing cases.

“We’re very grateful that we haven’t had the tougher restrictions,” she said.

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