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Robbo hits back at ‘fake news’ claims from Nat Fyfe, sparking debate about footy media

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Mark Robinson has hit back at “pathetic” claims from Nat Fyfe about being taken out of context by the Herald Sun.

Speaking on 3AW Football, the Fremantle champion branded an article written about him considering retirement “fake news”.

The Herald Sun’s chief footy writer hit back on Sunday Sport.

“It was quite a pathetic call by Nathan Fyfe,” Robbo said on 3AW.

“I admire him greatly for what he does and what he does for the game, but you can’t do an interview with a non-media organisation like the Players’ Association and open your mouth and say quote – ‘I was in a van, surfing with a mate, and my mind was basically made up and I’d had enough’ – I don’t think there’s anything out of context there.”

It led to an expansive debate about player access in the AFL.

Robbo said the “real media” were at a disadvantage, with preference given to the AFL-endorsed “fake media”.

“You know what happens? We have bloody s**t incidents and people going after Alex Rance and Buddy Franklin for diving,” he said.

“If we had every player talking, we would have more stories from the players in the media.

“But we don’t get players talking and so the story becomes ‘did Buddy dive?’ and it’s just a crap discussion.”

Former Geelong star Jimmy Bartel then offered the perspective from club land.

“The fear is that whatever they say is going to be used against the club and against them,” he said.

“If they say something, their fear is it’s going to be on the back page and they’re going to turn up to training and their teammates will ask them ‘what the hell did you say yesterday!?’.”

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