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The amazing amount YOU have raised for charity on Neil Mitchell’s program this year!

Neil Mitchell has thanked his audience for helping those in need, once again.

But it’s lead to another idea!

3AW Mornings listeners have raised a truly amazing $885,419 for charity so far in 2019.

A total of $533,419 of cash and goods was donated to Tuesday’s TLC Ambulance Appeal.

That follows the more than $300,000 raised for the Good Friday Appeal through Neil’s Wheel!

Now, Neil wants to crack $1 million by the end of the year!

“I reckon we can do it,” the 3AW Mornings host said.

“We’ll find the right causes, particularly if they’re to do with kids.

“You know … People call me a shock jock at times, they snipe and abuse me and others.

“This is not ranting radio.

“This is not the shock jock model.

“This is Melbourne. This is my town. This is where radio can do strong, positive things.

“Right across Victoria people have stood up.

“There’s a difference in this town. In this state.”

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