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Word on the Street: Falling gum tree narrowly misses car

Two motorists have had narrow misses after a gum tree fell across a road in Emerald.

3AW Drive listener, Mike, told Tom Elliott he was driving on Emerald-Monbulk Road when a gumtree fell in front of him.

“Just getting out of Monbulk a tree just fell straight across the road,” he said.

“I slammed my breaks on so it missed my car.”

Mike said another vehicle travelling in the opposite direction also narrowly escaped being hit by the tree.

“It was probably about ten metres away from both of us!,” he said.

“We could have been squashed.

“It was a big tree too.

“It’s just amazing how many trees are falling down at the moment.”

SES attended the incident. They say there do not appear to be any injuries.

The tree is still down and is currently obstructing two lanes of traffic.

The incident comes after several tragic deaths caused by falling gum trees in recent weeks.

Two weeks ago a woman was killed after a tree fell on her car on the Black Spur.

Last week university professor Allison Milner was killed by a falling tree while walking in Parkville.