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One COVID-19 positive Melburnian sparked cases in both Kilmore and Shepparton

COVID-19 outbreaks in two regional Victorian areas have now been linked to a single Melburnian.

The COVID-19 positive person, who was linked to the outbreak at a Chadstone butcher shop, had a permitted worker permit to travel regionally.

The person dined at Kilmore’s Oddfellows cafe while on the work trip, and a worker at the eatery later tested positive to coronavirus.

It has now been revealed that the same person also stopped off in Shepparton, where there are now three confirmed COVID-19 cases, and in Benalla.

Commander of Testing and Community Engagement at the DHHS, Jeroen Weimar, said the COVID-19 positive person travelled to Shepparton on September 30.

NEIL MITCHELL: “I just want to get this clear — The person who went from Chadstone to Kilmore, taking the virus, is the same one who went to Shepparton?”

JEROEN WEIMAR: “That’s right.”

NEIL MITCHELL: “Didn’t they tell you that?”

JEROEN WEIMAR: “Not at the time. That information only came to the surfaced yesterday.”

Eight high risk exposure locations have been identified in Shepparton after three cases were confirmed in the town yesterday.

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Shepparton COVID-19 outbreak: Eight high risk locations named