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Fed-up Ross has some advice for Joffa and co: Do some research

A fed-up Ross Stevenson has some advice for Joffa: Do some research.

Many have accused the AFL of being over-PC after a spate of recent incidents where fans have been booted or warned.

A Richmond fan received a three week ban for apparently calling an umpire a “green maggot”, and another AFL fan was booted from Marvel Stadium for calling an umpire a “bald headed flog”.

A Collingwood supporter claims he was censured for using foul language when had never sworn at all.

Incensed by the situation, Joffa, the high-profile leader of the Collingwood cheer squad, has vowed to stay away from the footy until league chief Gil McLachlan apologisedREAD MORE.

But Ross called ‘Bulltish’ on claims ground security has over-reacted.

“All three instances are not as they appear, but it’s a nice narrative to say the bad old AFL is cracking down on people for saying ‘Go Dees’,” Ross opined this morning.

“Joffa, do yourself a favour: Read the Collingwood supporter’s history; read what he’s put on Twitter (The Age today reports the fan last year uploaded a video of himself on a disgusting tirade at the MCG).

“Did the Richmond fan say ‘maggot’ or something else that rhymes with that?

“All three stories are not as they appear.”

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