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PTV confirms CCTV from the 86 tram Aiia Maasarwe travelled on has been given to police

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A man has been arrested over Aiia Maasarwe’s murder.


Public Transport Victoria have confirmed the number 86 tram that Aiia Maasarwe was travelling on, on the night she was attacked and killed, does have CCTV.

PTV CEO Jeroen Weimar told Heidi Murphy only about one third of trams on the network have cameras installed.

“Every new tram we add to the network, and we’re adding about one tram a month, is equipped with around 10 cameras on it, inside and outside the tram,” Mr Weimar said.

“Obviously we are working very closely with Victoria Police.

“We have shared CCTV from a number of trams on that night.

“Certainly the tram that Aiia was on that night does have CCTV, there was footage that has been provided to Victoria Police.

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Investigators say Miss Maasarwe was at the Comic’s Lounge club in North Melbourne earlier that night, and was driven by friends into Bourke Street, where she boarded the 86 tram about 10.50pm.

She was on the phone, Facetiming her sister about 12.10am, when her sister noticed the phone drop and voices muffled in the background.

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