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Sly of the Underworld: Why police have sought overseas help to solve missing camper mystery

It has been six months since Russell Hill and Carol Clay vanished while camping in Victoria’s high country.

Despite an extensive search, their disappearance still remains a mystery, with no crime scene and no witnesses.

Police suspect foul play may have been involved, and Sly says the fact no personal items have been found raises questions.

“Their campsite was burnt, so does that mean the offence happened there and somebody was trying to get rid of forensics?,” Sly mused.

Victoria Police have turned to overseas experts for help investigating the disappearance.

“They have headed to America because there have been a series of what are called wilderness murders there, and there’s some expertise,” Sly explained.

“In fact, there are 28 cold cases involving wilderness murders and the Yosemite authorities have actually a homicide squad embedded there.”

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