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Matthew Lloyd says James Hird coming in now would create a 'media frenzy'

Matthew Lloyd says James Hird coming in now would create a 'media frenzy'


'We're creating a Muslim apartheid'

Burqa BURQA BAN: Muslim women who wear the niqab or burqa will be forced to observe the House of Representatives and the Senate from behind glass-enclosed galleries, due to safety concerns.

'No one in the system gets justice'

David Cassai LISTEN: The mother of David Cassai - the man punched to death in 2012 - believes the sentence given to her son's attacker does not reflect the crime, and says she wants "justice" but not revenge.

James Hird going down fighting

James Hird (Photo: Luis Enrique Ascui) AFL: Despite there being no announcement from the Essendon Football Club today, James Hird is finished as coach according to Caroline Wilson.

'Unsettled China unsettling for Oz'

'This is just magnificent' WATCH: This will be stuck in your head soon. And I think it's just magnificent.

Sam Reid in Bulldogs sights?

The Western Bulldogs are interested in Swans big man Sam Reid. AFL:The Western Bulldogs are preparing to be aggressive throughout the AFL trade period, acknowledging they key have positions to fill at both ends of the ground.

Australian politicians lack beer-factor

Does Tony Abbott have the 'beer-factor'? BEER FACTOR: Australian politicians lack the ‘beer-factor’ according to Terry Barnes, former advisor to Tony Abbott.

Niqab is not a 'symbol of evil'

Niqab LISTEN: Neil Mitchell says the debate over banning the 'burqa' is fast and unnecessarily turning the garment into a symbol on division.

'Hird has made the right call'

James Hird. HIRD: As the pressure mounts on James Hird after his decision to appeal against ASADA at the Federal court, former Essendon legal advisor Martin Hardie believes he has made the right decision to appeal.

Toilet-cleaning ban in CBD offices

The NAB builing, Docklands. LATEST: CBD office workers might need to start bringing their own toilet paper and soap to work - if they dare use the toilet at all.

Accused arsonist blames terrorists

Doncaster property LISTEN: In a bizarre case of apparent property sabotage, a Melbourne real estate advocate has been charged with arson, racial vilification and fraud after he allegedly set fire to a Doncaster house.

Hird removed as coach: Caro

<b>THE END?:</b> James Hird and the Bombers at loggerheads. AFL: Essendon is set to sack James Hird as coach of the club, according to Caroline Wilson.

Is Stairway to Heaven a rip off?

Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin. LED ZEPPELIN: The uncanny resemblance between an instrumental titled ‘Taurus’ and Led Zeppelin’s classic ‘Stairway to Heaven’ has led to a lawsuit which could see Led Zeppelin sued.

677kg of vanilla slice

The 677kg vanilla slice. VANILLA SLICE Everybody enjoys a nice bite of vanilla slice, however certainly not this much.

Arrest over racist train assault

metro CRIME: A woman has been arrested over a violent and racist attack targeting a woman on a train in Melbourne's north.

Does Winderlich want out?

Jason Winderlich is expected to reverse his decision to retire. AFL: After reportedly doing a back flip on his retirement, Essendon forward Jason Winderlich could follow Paddy Ryder and seek a trade to a rival club.

Bomber Thompson to the Suns?

Mark Thompson. AFL: After the Gold Coast Suns have sacked their coach Guy McKenna today, Caroline Wilson has reported that Mark Thompson’s manager Michael Quinlan has approached the club regarding the vacant position.

Dons won't appeal against ASADA

Paul Little and James Hird. (Photo: Pat Scala) ASADA: Essendon has chosen not to appeal the Federal Court verdict which deemed the joint investigation from ASADA and the AFL to be lawful and allowed it to advance with the show cause notices.

Davis denies Sassella dispute

Former Ambulance CEO Greg Sassella. AMBULANCE: After the sudden announcement by Greg Sassella to resign as Ambulance CEO after 30 years of service, Neil Mitchell had been told the decision came on the back of a disagreement with Health Minister David Davis over the current pay dispute.

Former Sun whacks Guy McKenna

Jared Brennan says Guy McKenna should have been sacked a year ago. AFL: As the general football media are searching for answers why the Gold Coast Suns have sacked Guy McKenna, former Brisbane Lions and Gold Coast Suns utility Jared Brennan has made his thoughts clear via twitter.

Guy McKenna sacked

Guy McKenna AFL: Gold Coast Suns coach Guy McKenna has reportedly been sacked as coach by the club.

I Spy with my Bionic Eye

Dianne Ashworth BIONIC EYE: Dianne Ashworth was 24 when she was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa, an eye disease which has caused her to go blind.

Cop murder 'joke' from bikie

Detective Cheeseman LISTEN: The top detective who investigates Victoria's outlaw motorcycle gangs says the recent high profile raids on bikies have made an impact.

'I do hate this guy': Sue Parsons

Sue Parsons. ICE: It has been a tough road for Sue Parsons, now grieving the loss of her husband Anthony who was struck by a vehicle in December by a driver affected by the drug ice.

Plan B: 'We have no choice'

Joe Hockey cash LISTEN: The Abbott government says it's working on contingency plans to cut expenditure in the event it can't pass its controversial budget measures, such as the $7 GP co-payment plan.

Hayes re-lives shaky debut

hayes LENNY: St Kilda champion Lenny Hayes finished his career with 297 matches, a Norm Smith Medal, three All-Australian selections and three club best and fairests, however his career did not get off to the smoothest of starts.

.melbourne: What's in a domain?

A mother has told Neil Mitchell of her disgust after three of her young children were exposed to internet porn in their local library. LISTEN: Victorians and businesses now have the opportunity to apply for a locally personalised web address.

Vodka-drinking dill surfs tram

CBD tram-surfer PHOTO: A young man has been caught on camera tram-surfing for several blocks in the middle of Melbourne's CBD.

The Leaning Tower of Stupidity

ute PHOTOS: Tim alerted Neil Mitchell to this ute carrying a stack of batts on a ute while travelling on the Princes Hwy near Werribee.

Ebola virus diagnosed in the US

Ebola virus diagnosed in the US LATEST: A man in Texas has become the first confirmed case of Ebola diagnosed in the United States.

Innie and Outie, Burke and Wills?

East West Link NAME GAME: With the ink barely dry on the East West Link contracts, Ross and John set about naming to the two tunnels at the centrepiece of the project.

Dancing with the Stars returns

Dancing with the Stars. DANCING: When former AFL player David Rodan suggested there is a big difference between ballroom dancing and football, Dancing with the Stars judge Todd McKenney responded with, “No s**t”, as the Channel Seven talent show launched another season last night.

What's the cost if EW Link is axed?

Victorian Premier Denis Napthine discusses Holden with Neil Mitchell. LISTEN : Premier Denis Napthine has denied a so-called "kill clause" exists in the East West Link contracts, in the event Labor wins the election and dumps the project.

Plan for smoke-free new millennium

Ivan Dean wants to ban people born from the year 2000 onwards from buying tobacco products. BUTT OUT: A tobacco-free generation is what Independent MLC for Tasmania, Ivan Dean, is striving for.

'Profiling is sad, but inescapable'

Tom Elliott COMMENT: Once again terrorism – or people trying to aid terrorism – is at our doorstep.

Suns to sack McKenna: Caro

Guy McKenna AFL: Gold Coast Coach Guy McKenna is set to be sacked in a matter of days, according to Caroline Wilson.

Dees happy to deal with Cats

Mitch Clark is set to walk to Geelong. (Photo: Joe Armao) AFL: Former Melbourne forward Mitch Clark has nominated Geelong as his club of choice in 2015.

Malthouse tees off on Waite

Jarrad Waite. AFL: Carlton coach Mick Malthouse has expressed his disappointment in Jarrad Waite, after Waite chose to exercise his right to leave Carlton as a free agent.

Payphone to be re-invigorated

Telstra has announced a plan to re-invigorate the humble payphone with wifi. HOT SPOT: The humble payphone is about to be re-invigorated with the use of wifi hot spots.

Body found after house fire

A teenage boy has died in a house fire in Newcomb. (Picture: Paul Dowsley) HOUSE FIRE: A body believed to be that of a teenage boy is believed to have been found after a house fire in Geelong this afternoon.

Girl struck, in critical condition

A four-year-old girl has been hit by a truck in Northcote. (Picture: Channel 9) NORTHCOTE: A four-year-old girl has been hit by a truck in Northcote just after 11 o’clock this morning.

'Germaine has just kicked Bambi'

Greer LISTEN: Neil Mitchell says Germaine Greer's insatiable craving of the public spotlight, and her consequent outlandish statements, are sullying her good reputation.

We've found Luke Hodge

Hawthorn Captain Luke Hodge did not make the Premiership photo. MISSING: After captaining an AFL premiership, you’d expect Luke Hodge to be a part of the celebration team photo with the premiership cup, wouldn’t you?

'Miss a meeting, don't get paid'

queue jobless dole,  unemployment benefits , unemployed LISTEN: Jobseekers relying on welfare payments are using every excuse under the sun to avoid attending agency appointments.

Putting the 'beach' in beach house

Views? Sure. And the beach is yours. PHOTOS: One of Victoria's rare properties with its own private beach is up for grabs.

Bike found near woman's body

Anyone with any information about the incident is asked to contact Crime Stoppers LATEST: A woman's body has been found at Benalla in the north-east Victoria this morning.

FBI help police swoop on accused terror aid

(Photo: A man is taken away by officers at Seabrook) BREAKING: A man has been arrested in what appears to be counter-terrorism raids across Melbourne this morning.

'Melbourne is evolving by accident'

Melbourne wins 'most liveable city'. LISTEN: Neil Mitchell says Melbourne is sleepwalking its way towards becoming a monster high-rise city, with authorities giving little consideration to the long-term implications of the current building "revolution".

Naked football fan escapes lightly

Peter Maher says Heather McCartney got off lightly with a $300 fine. BARE SENTENCE: After making headlines all over the internet in the past three days for getting naked and assaulting police officers at the AFL Grand Final, Heather McCartney got off very lightly with just a $300 fine according to Peter Maher.

'It was the worst experience'

A Sydney journalist has slammed Hawthorn supporters off the back of ‘sexist, racist and homophobic’ behaviour during the 2014 grand final. LISTEN: A Sydney journalist has slammed Hawthorn supporters after ‘sexist, racist and homophobic’ behaviour during the 2014 grand final.

Hawks champ live from Mad Monday

Hawthorn champion Sam Mitchell. AFL: The key lesson Hawthorn learned from 2009 that helped the Hawks claim the first back-to-back premierships since Brisbane in 2002.

'Congratulations Melbourne'

Fans want an investigation into the MCG's ticketing system. LISTEN: After a week where terror stories stole the headlines, Melbourne’s Lord Mayor commended Victorians for taking a stand and celebrating on grand final weekend despite possible dangers.

Lloyd says Hird should coach on

Magnay says the Bombers saga still has a long way to go. LLOYD: "I'm just so uncertain about Essendon in so many departments."

No 110km/h to Geelong ... for now

110 speed sign LATEST: The government and senior police have smacked down rumour to increase the speed limit on the Princes Highway to Geelong.

Beams' transfer a sign of trouble?

Collingwood's Dayne Beams LISTEN: The transfer request by leading Collingwood footballer Dayne Beams has sparked industry commentators to question what else might be going on at the club.

Photos: Celebrity look-alikes

A case of mistaken identity at the footy. PHOTOS: A case of mistaken identity at the footy.

Toddler hospitalised after snake bite

The mother of a three-year-old boy bitten by a tiger snake on Sunday, sends a warning to be alert. LISTEN: The mother of a three-year-old boy bitten by a tiger snake on Sunday, sends a warning to be alert.

Ela gets toastie at the Jaffle Bar

Jaffle Bar REVIEW: We're experiencing the resurgence of the jaffle. I’m not talking about seeing them in lunchboxes or for lazy weeknight dinners - we’re talking establishments dedicated to them, or that at least feature a jaffle regularly on the menu.

Drysdale wants to be 'free and easy'

Denise Drysadale LISTEN: Entertainer and Gold Logie-winning television personality Denise Drysdale is flogging off all her worldly possessions - the house, clothes, furniture, the lot - to become a vagabond.

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