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Cardinal George Pell makes first court appearance

Cardinal George Pell has made his first appearance at the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court. The 76-year-old has taken leave from his position as Vatican treasurer to return to Australia to fight historical sexual offence charges involving multiple complainants. In dramatic scenes, he was flanked by several police upon his arrival. Local and international media swarmed on the […]

Violent, threatening and expletive-ridden flyer left on workers windscreens

RUMOUR CONFIRMED Workers around a business subject to recent demonstration have returned to vehicles to find flyers with violent, threatening and expletive-ridden wording on the windscreens of their cars. The Rumour File was told about the ugly flyer on Monday. Trades Hall has taken responsibility for it. They provided 3AW Breakfast with the following statement. […]

5 hours ago
Coffee thrown into car during road rage incident

A 3AW listener has had a coffee thrown through his car window in a road rage attack. Steven Delia was driving on the Hume highway at Campbellfield when a blue Holden started driving erratically. The driver was tailgating and cutting in and out of lanes. Steven tried to indicate to the driver that he should […]

4 hours ago
RUMOUR CONFIRMED: BMW stolen in bayside carjacking

RUMOUR CONFIRMED A teenager has been arrested following a carjacking at Williamstown. The incident occurred on Douglas Parade at about 6.45am on Wednesday morning. The offender fled in a stolen black BMW sedan before being arrested in a car park intersection of Boardwalk Blvd and Dunnings Road, Point Cook just before 7.30am. The 17-year-old Braybrook […]

4 hours ago
Three prisoners escape from Beechworth prison

Three prisoners have escaped from the minimum security prison at Beechworth. It’s not yet clear how the three men – aged 25, 27 and 34 – escaped. Beechworth Correction Centre is home to inmates who are deemed low-risk and about to finish their prison sentences.

19 mins ago
Heavy delays as bridge is hit … again

Has Melbourne found its “new” Montague Street Bridge? There are heavy delays in Footscray this morning after a truck hit the Napier Street bridge. It’s fast becoming a regular occurrence. VicRoads says the delays will continue throughout the morning peak. Motorists advised to avoid the area. There have also been train delays because of the […]

4 hours ago
Why moonlighting is on the rise

More than 750,000 Australians have taken on second and third jobs. It comes amid the rising rate of under-employment nationally. But Libby Sander from Bond University told Ross and John they’re not all simply chasing extra cash, many are pursuing other interests. “Certainly for some people it’s about getting extra income, but for a lot of people […]

5 hours ago
Australians among ‘worst in the world’ for carrying dangerous fat

Australians are among the worst in the world for carrying dangerous stomach fat. A new study has found that 88 per cent of men and 76 per cent of women have an excess of weight around their abdomen. Those numbers ranked Australia at No.5 in the world. Medical experts warn the excess fat is a precursor […]

5 hours ago
Iconic indigenous musician Dr G Yunupingu dies at 46

Iconic indigenous musician Dr G Yunupingu has died. It’s understood the ARIA award-winning singer and song writer, who was blind, had been ill for some time and was receiving dialysis. He died in Darwin Hospital on Tuesday. A documentary about Yunupingu’s life is scheduled to premiere next month at the Melbourne Film Festival. Yunupingu’s full […]

6 hours ago
Nightline Podcast. Tue 25 Jul, 2017

In a packed program Studio 10’s David “Robbo” Robinson comes to town to interview Phil, Gidgit VonLarue and Angryman from the Retro Cinema Podcast join us to celebrate the best movies of the 1980’s, and Bruce’s piece is The Mouse Trap  

11 hours ago / 15:19
The US Report with Richard Arnold

Richard Arnold joins Steve Price for his take on the latest in American current affairs.

13 hours ago / 07:51
Technology with Tim Stackpool, The Techno Bloke

Tim Stackpool, The Techno Bloke, joins Steve Price to take a relevant look at the week in technology. Visit Tim’s website to find out more on what was talked about.

13 hours ago / 09:15
TV and Entertainment with Michael Bodey

Michael Bodey joins Steve Price to talk the Footy Show revamp and Masterchef v Ninja Warrior.

13 hours ago / 12:55
Miranda Devine

Daily Telegraph columnist Miranda Devine joins Steve Price to talk Euthanasia, Matt Canavan and Gillian Triggs’ departure.

13 hours ago / 06:45
Paul Russell and the Case against Assisted Dying Laws

Paull Russell, Founder of “Hope: Preventing Euthanasia and assisted suicide” joins Steve Price to state the case against laws set to go before the Victorian parliament.

13 hours ago / 13:56
The Financial Planning Show With Steve Price And Brett Stene

Brett Stene from Jacaranda Financial Planning joins Steve Price to take your calls on financial planning advice.

13 hours ago / 22:55
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Andrew Bolt & Steve Price discuss the day’s politics.

/ 45:19

Neil Mitchell has slammed the ATO and police over an alleged international tax scam, causing Australian families to lose thousands. “What about here? What the hell are we doing about it?” said Neil. “We’re chasing various cyber agencies and things, “What is the tax department doing about it? Having a scratch and think? “What are […]

/ 08:36

Caroline Wilson says Collingwood could “learn a lot” from Sydney when it comes to running a football club. Speaking on 3AW, Wilson said she noticed a stark contrast in how both clubs announced changes to their chief executive this week. The Magpies held a major press conference, while the Swans announced their succession plan with […]

/ 18 hours ago

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