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New court order unveiled

9:47 AM   The Premier joined Neil Mitchell in studio to reveal details of new youth control orders on 3AW Mornings.

Horrific fatal crash at Edi

A picture from the scene

9:22 AM   Horrific details have emerged of a fatal crash south in the state's north east.

Storm warning always there

12:03 PM   Five years ago a group of respiratory specialists said there should be an advanced warning system for thunderstorm asthma.

Retail abuse on the rise

9:43 AM   A new survey has found almost half of the retail workforce has been a victim of abuse by customers.

'A more newsy path'

Craig Hutchison.

11:45 AM   Original Footy Show producer tells Neil Mitchell what Craig Hutchison will bring to the show.

13 horse accidents

11:39 AM   More than a dozen people were injured by horses over the weekend.

The problem, not the solution

Glenn Maxwell hits a pull shot against Pakistan during the 2015 World Cup.

10:46 AM   Legendary batter Dean Jones has no sympathy for dumped batsman Glenn Maxwell.

Rumour Confirmed

Geoff Walsh returns to Pies

9:58 AM   Geoff Walsh has returned to Collingwood after Ross Stevenson revealed it on The Rumour File.


Would you listen to Hird?

Dwayne Russell asks 3AW listeners if they would want James Hird as a commentator.

Open ended future for Murphy

Western Bulldogs captain Robert Murphy.

Joel Brooks   Returning Western Bulldogs captain Robert Murphy says he is keeping his future 'open-ended' instead of conceding 2017 would be his final season.

Clubs expect third man up change

The third man up rule could change next year.

Joel Brooks   Stephen Wells believes a rule could be bought in regarding the third man up.


Work. Life. Money

Ross Greenwood brings you a new weekend show, focusing on how to manage work, life and money.

The 'R' Word

Shane Jacobson hosts a new entertaining series challenging the misconceptions about retirement living.

The Informed Investor

10:38 AM   Do I need Landlord insurance? Gain some helpful insights in this power podcast series, The Informed Investor. LISTEN NOW

My Active Life

Don't let osteoarthritis slow you down. Click here to find out how Christine stays active.


Celebrating Lives, Celebrating Christmas!

The team at Afternoons with Denis Walter are making a Christmas dream come true!

Tom Elliott's Safari Suit Challenge!

5:00 AM   Take the safari suit challenge here!

3AW Momentum Energy Small Business Success Awards

The awards celebrate the exciting and sometimes challenging lives of Small Business Owners. Momentum and 3AW reward Small Business success with series of fantastic prizes designed to aid further development and reward your hard work.

Win Neil’s Valuable Player Award!

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Life and Culture

Pub Of The Week

For the 21st year with Neil Mitchell, the Pub Of The Week segment returns to find the best pub during 2016 from around 36 reviews each year.

RECIPE: Citrus-spiced chook on the barbie

Bob Hart

Bob Hart   Bob Hart's delicious recipe for char-grilled chicken with a twist...

This Summer In Food

Geoff Lindsay is setting up a "Crab Club" at the Lorne Hotel over summer.

Kate Stevenson   Lorne's 'Crab Club', The Stokehouse re-emerges, and Burn City pops up for the summer.