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Ballboy locked in trainyard

Australian Open ballkids meet the Williams sisters before the tournament.

8:30 AM   Rumour confirmed: An Australian Open ballboy falls asleep, gets locked in trainyard.

'The system is broken'

7:34 AM   Victoria has undoubtedly reached a turning point when it comes to law and order, says Sly Of The Underworld.


3AW Breakfast at Splashland!

Ross and John are LIVE from Splashland, summer's coolest inflatable water slide park at Caulfield Racecourse!

Key to extending life

The research investigated how reducing calories could ward off cancer and age-related illnesses.

Cutting your calories by a fifth could significantly reduce the risk of developing cancers, age-related diseases and even delay the ageing process, research has found.

Kyrgios on an 'emotional rollercoaster'

Nick Kyrgios was booed off after his five set loss to Andreas Seppi.

Australian tennis champion Paul McNamee says Nick Kyrgios needs support and is on an "emotional rollercoaster".

Masked man stops traffic

Masked man stops traffic and 'dances' in front of driver.

A bizarre incident has been captured on dashcam footage of a man wearing a mask, gesturing and waving a piece of wood in the air.

Uni students taking their time

There are concerns Australian students are taking too long to finish their degrees.

A third of university students in Australia won't finish their degree within six years.

Violence at homeless camp

Tempers have flared at the homeless camp at Flinders Street Station, with a woman lashing out at camera crews.

rumour file

Brown water bill captures imagination

An example of the brown water bill.

Don't be alarmed if you receive a brown water bill, it's all part of the job.

Why being rude is a bad idea

The study investigated how attitude affects outcomes.

New research suggests patients should avoid being rude to doctors and nurses who treat them in hospital.

'Coffee is democracy!'

Giuseppe Lavazza in studio with Ross and John.

There's an old adage that one should never have a cappuccino after 11am, but Giuseppe Lavazza says it's not an absolute rule.

Bees the biggest risk

New research shows bees are a bigger public threat than snakes, spiders, and jellyfish.

Doughnut shop closes

Olympic Doughnuts shuts up shop.

Iconic Footscray doughnuts store Olympic Doughnuts is shutting up shop for good.


Who is at fault!?

Dash camera video doing the rounds on social media shows a police car bumping into another driver in an intersection.

Melbourne fine dodgers

A record amount is owed by fine dodgers in Victoria.

'50 Shades of Greyhounds'

Is he watching The Whippet of Oz?

Ross and John discuss which films a dog would like to see.


Stingrays scare off beachgoers

A stingray has been spotted at Middle Park Beach and was creating quite a sight for onlookers.

What to call Andy Murray?

Andy Murray has been knighted. So what do you call him?

White shirt Friday on Breakfast!

The 3AW Breakfast crew all wore white shirts on Friday. Why? Click here to find out!

The puppy voice works!

Sounds like Burnso's been doing it wrong!

Feel like a bit of a fool talking to a puppy in a high-pitched voice? You shouldn't! It works.

Don't be a butthead

The new campaign.

The CFA has launched its latest campaign, taking aim at those who throw cigarettes out of cars.

Hilarious response to question

Ever taken a question a little too literally? This woman did when being interviewed!

in studio with Ross and John

Saroo's incredible story

Ross and John were joined in studio by Saroo and Sue Brierley, the real-life stars of Lion.

Listeners help murder probe

3AW callers have provided potential leads to the homicide squad investigating the 1980 murder of Thomas Cooper.

Homes for the homeless

A plan has been unveiled to build 57 one bedroom portable houses for the homeless. It'd funded by a wealthy Melbourne family.

Who let this through!?

Ross and John got a mighty chuckle out of this one! A 3AW Breakfast listener alerted them to a rather amusing greyhound name.


Cars stolen from factory

Toyota's Altona factory.

Details have emerged of an elaborate Christmas theft of more than a dozen cars from the Toyota factory in Melbourne.

Rumour Confirmed

Sneaky snake hard to snatch

A Williamstown woman is living in fear, sharing her home with a deadly snake.

Looking interstate for help...

Victoria is reportedly looking interstate for experienced staff to help deal with the state's youth justice crisis.

Scathing medical report released

A group of leading international doctors claim up to one-third of all medical procedures are being conducted unnecessarily.

Rumour File

Phone explodes mid-flight

Ross and John find out more about phones exploding into flames on planes.

Shark siren fails to stop some

A surge in shark sightings along the coast and in Port Phillip Bay this summer is failing to stop people from getting in the water.

The great rent vs buy debate

There is perhaps no question more vexing for young Australians today than the decision whether to buy or rent a home.

They're back!

3AW's John Burns, Denis Walter and Ross Stevenson.

3AW Breakfast's Ross and John return on Monday, as well as your Afternoons favourite, Denis Walter!

What's in a name?

Justin and Kate speak with "Fugly McHideous" about his surf swims.

'Stray Neighbour' review

Stray Neighbour, Preston.

Tregan Borg reviews the 'vibey neighbourhood eatery' Stray Neighbour in Preston.


Fox caught in a bag

Fox stuck in a plastic stir fry bag.

A curious fox got into a bit of trouble at Mernda on Friday morning.

Tullamarine Freeway closures

English Street Bridge demolished.

Motorists, you've been warned. Ross and John spoke with VicRoads about the latest closures.


Home gutted by rogue ember

Strathmore home gutted.

A northern suburbs home was gutted after the next door neighbour's BBQ sent embers flying over the fence.


Emu holds up traffic

Emu holds up traffic at Moe.

Dash cam vision has captured the moment a lost emu held up traffic in Gippsland.

Ross River virus increase

Hundreds of Victorians have been diagnosed with Ross River virus, with recent heavy rains causing the mosquito population to surge.

Pet's ashes found on beach

Woman leading the search for owners of a dogs's ashes found on Melbourne beach.


Drivers slams into trolley bay

Dash camera footage has emerged of a car slamming into a trolley bay in Melbourne's south east.

Mystery skin doctor found

A mystery man who came to the rescue of another man by alerting him to a possibly cancerous mark on his left cheek has been found.

Moving the iconic Castle

The owner of 3 Dagonet St wants to demolish it or have it moved to make way for townhouses.

The iconic house from the The Castle could be on its way to New South Wales.


Sleeping intruder interrupted

Police have charged a man over the Donvale break-in.

A man hunt is underway to find a burglar who took a nap while inside his victim's Donvale home.


Bank unlocked and wide open

A bank in Melbourne's west was left unlocked with the door open over New Years weekend.

Safer cars for your kids

Parents are being urged to tip in what they can, and help their children buy a safer first car, in a bid to drive down the road toll.


Burger bar vandalised

8-Bit Burgers at Footscray was vandalised at the weekend.

A popular burger chain in Melbourne's inner west has been vandalised with graffiti as well as having its windows and doors smashed.

Good year for Aussie farmers

2017 is forecast to be a bumper year for Australian farmers with production expected to exceed $60 billion for the first time.

'It's a cancer on our sport'

Dean Jones believes you'd have to be "stupid" to think corruption doesn't exist in cricket.


House on the edge of collapse

'Humpty Dumpty' told 3AW a troubled building site in the eastern suburbs has had one of the townhouses begin to collapse into the pit.


Judge Burns the horse

John Burns (left) and Judge Burns (right). Their likeness is uncanny!

A horse racing on Friday evening in Melbourne's south east is named after a 3AW Breakfast favourite.

Train map's colourful makeover

Victoria's new train map.

Victoria's train map has been given a colourful makeover, and not includes regional lines.

Commuters praised by Minister

A record number of commuters are touching-on and touching-off on Melbourne public transport network, Minister Allen spoke with 3AW Breakfast.

Homeless camps to shutdown

Melbourne Lord Mayor Robert Doyle is waging war on homeless camps with CBD streets to be swept clean next week.


Delivery driver injured

A delivery driver, who caught thieves rummaging through his truck, was left grazed after trying to stop them.

Severe Melbourne weather warning

Severe weather warning issued for damaging winds and heavy rain across the state.

Man flees police after arrest

A man has allegedly fled from police on foot after a delay in putting him in the back of a police van.


Hot Cross Buns hit the shelves

Hot Cross Buns hit the shelves...

It still feels like Christmas, but that didn't stop Woolworths from selling the traditional Hot Cross Buns more than 100 days before Easter.

Cheap eats under $10

Where in Melbourne can we pick up delicious (not necessarily healthy) cheap food under $10? Wendy Hargreaves has the answer.

Private camping concerns

Bush walkers have expressed concern over a controversial plan to build luxury accommodation in part of Victoria's pristine high country.

Where would you hide?

Listener Denise would hide in a bookstore.

A new trend has emerged which sees people lock themselves in IKEA overnight.

Christmas gift cards

Are gift cards the best choice for Christmas? Or the lazy-man's way out?

There's many things to consider before you buy gift cards as presents this Christmas.

Annoying fly season ahead

Modified by CombineZP

The flies and insects are expected to be out in full force over summer.

Seven Media boss' alleged affair

Seven boss Tim Worner.

Entertainment reporter Pete Ford says there's more to the alleged sex scandal engulfing Seven boss Tim Worner than what's being reported.

Road safety blitz results

Assistant Commissioner Doug Fryer.

Police have described the results of the Christmas road safety blitz over the holiday period as disturbing.

Multi-truck crash at Werribee expected to cause lengthy delays

The crash happened early this morning.

UPDATE: All lanes have reopened on the Princes Freeway in Werribee following a two-truck crash.

Warning for all Victorians

Keep the bugs away this Christmas.

The spike in food poisoning cases has busted a common kitchen myth.

Christmas spirit alive and well

The community was devastated after the lights were torn down.

An elaborate Christmas lights display will be back up and running at a church in Gladstone Park.

Worst words of 2016

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

The worst words and phrases of 2016 have been announced. And number one's a doozy.

The importance of strong passwords

Sorting out your accounts is important, experts say.

Leaving behind a record of internet accounts and passwords is critically important for loved ones to be able to access money, documents and information, funeral directors say.

Making the switch

The rush of dopamine is distracting workers.

Switching off your mobile phone could help drastically improve productivity in Australian workplaces, neuroscientists say.

Truck plows into Berlin crowd

Twelve people have been killed and a number have been injured when a truck ploughed into a Christmas market in Berlin.

To fridge or not to fridge?

Justin and Kate debate what foods should be kept in the fridge.

Secret gift of giving

A new global campaign ‘The Secret Gift of Giving’ aims to spread the message of giving and document its impact on givers.

Workers forced to take leave

Two million employees are forced to take their annual leave over Christmas each year.

Wild McDonalds brawl

Police are investigating a brawl involving as many as 150 people in Melbourne's west overnight.

Santa shortage

We're running out of good Santas!

A warning for anyone thinking dressing up as Santa at a shopping centre would be an easy job.


McDonalds brawl

Innocent bystanders have been caught in the middle of a wild brawl involving as many as 40 youths.

Stolen star returned

Special branch: Kerang's star police post-rescue.

Police have been guided by a star to arrest an alleged thief.

Breakthrough epilepsy trial

A groundbreaking trial under way in Melbourne could help millions of epilepsy sufferers.

Hooray for Broadywood

Broad-y City.

Kate and Justin give classic Hollywood films a Broadmeadows slant.

Rumour confirmed

Lara property raided

It's believed a number of dogs were scratched yesterday as a result.

A property near Geelong that's believed to be connected to a disqualified greyhound trainer has been raided.


New Rod Laver statue

A bronze statue of Rod Laver to be erected at Rod Laver arena.

'Bronzed Aussie' told 3AW Breakfast about a new statue of a famous sportsman to be shortly unveiled at a sporting stadium in Melbourne.

Spud man's never felt better

Andrew Taylor says he's pretty happy with potatoes.

Andrew Taylor's only eaten potatoes for one year.

The idea for Geelong's own Minister

A former mayor says it would help enrich the region, and Victoria.

There's a push for Geelong to get its own dedicated State Minister.

The cost of a moat...

Protestors at Parliament House earlier this month.

Justin and Kate found out more, inspired by an idea floated to build a moat around Parliament House.

Our word of the year

The thing that gets most of us excited about election day.

'Democracy sausage' has snagged the crown of Australia's 2016 word of the year.

Footscray market blaze

Aerial picture of a large fire at Little Saigon Market, Footscray.

The Les Twentyman Foundation faces a race against the clock to replace Christmas gifts destroyed in a huge fire in Footscray.


Reindeer bares all

A Christmas display in Fountain Gate has shown that the reindeer is definitely a boy!

New Alzehimers treatment

A breakthrough Alzehimer's drug will be available to Melbourne patients from next year, after an early stage trial in the US showed promising results.

Huge fire destroys home

A fire has caused an estimated $250,000 damage to a home in Meadow Heights.

North East Link plans

Some of Melbourne's most notorious congestion hot-spots could be wiped out, if the Andrews Government wins the next state election.


Rumour File winner crowned!

Ricky Ponting with the lucky winner!

Congratulations to "Home Run" on winning this year's Rumour File draw!

Top 10 sound effects for 2016

Damian Tardio reveals 3AW Breakfast's top 10 sound effects for 2016

Pacific Tsunami warning

Solomon Islands rocked by magnitude-7.8 quake.

A warning for a Tsunami between one to three metres has been issued following a 7.8 magnitude earthquake off Coast of the Solomon Islands.

'It was more than good'

Geoff Emerick shared some insights into The Beatles.

An audio engineer for The Beatles says he always knew they always knew they were onto something special when they pressed record.

Most bizarre auction ever

The auction was certainly different than most.

Ross and John's find out more...


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